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200 Proofs Rap

200 Proofs Rap is a song made to promote the most popular Flat Earth book and documentary ever made, “200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball.” 200 Proofs has now been translated into 26 languages and read/watched by tens of millions of people across the world.

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Big thanks to Matty Moses and Sasquatch Mind Control for the rap/beat!

Lyrics: Y’all say it’s a distraction
but look what’s happening
Truthers taking to the streets with the plan of action
Why would they fib about where we live?
Yo, what’s the point man? It is what it is
Well how you think those captain’s navigate the sea?
It’s easy as plane trigonometry
Ask any surveyor or architect
if there’s a lick of curvature that they can detect
Even civil engineers see we ain’t on a sphere
Ask pilots what they see when they’re up in the air
Saying that we’re all monkeys on a ball spinning east
as if we don’t belong or like we’re some kind of disease
Now have you ever seen a river running uphill?
That’s what I thought, and you never will
You want a nail in the coffin?
I’m sure you can have it
Take a good look at the second law of thermal dynamics

You got CGI?
We got 200 Proofs
You got NASA lies?
We got 200 Proofs
You got lights in the sky
We got 200 Proofs
We got 200 Proofs
Over 200 proofs

Yo, the Earth’s flatter than a mat under a fat cat and
this rhyme’s tighter than a dry hymen-lined vagina
your mind’s kinda like a fine china dining item
ready to crack at the first sign of any pressure
so let’s test ya with the best open-ended questions
consider first, don’t just blurt out your worst suggestion,
what’s shape’s the world, is it twirling around, you reckon?
Take a second, you’re gonna need a physics lesson
You’ve been taught that you ought not to feel the spinning
but I’ve got quite a lot to reveal this evening
It seems you bought an implausible false theory
’cause on a ball there’s gradients involved,
it’s not so simple as one speed for all,
thousand mile ph rate at the equator
with polar observers sitting softly at nil
and everyone between at different speeds still

You got CGI?
We got 200 Proofs
You got NASA lies?
We got 200 Proofs
You got lights in the sky
We got 200 Proofs
We got 200 Proofs
Over 200 proofs

Airy’s Failure is just a play on words
No matter how they try they can’t move the Earth
Is it on pillars or balanced on elephants?
Questions like that may seem like non-sense
Unless you’re willing to clear your mind
of all the propaganda they use to confine
your own logic and levels of reasoning
We’re always hearing, “explain the seasons”
See the Sun moves itself on a circuit
between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, ya heard of it?
How about the spire top of Notre Dame?
Ship captains cited seeing it 150 miles away
At that distance it would be a mile below the curve
Light refraction only accounts for 1/12 of that, ya heard?
They’re changing the shape to an oblate spheroid
Sounds like the ramblings of a bloated schizoid

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