Tomi Lahren | Liberal COVID sickos flee to free places after destroying the places where they live

TOMI LAHREN: Well, it’s because those people living in those liberal blue states refuse to change how they vote. Instead of voting better, they decide to flee to great free states like Florida, like Tennessee, like Texas instead of staying and fighting. I understand, I fled as well, but I also got to say this forced face diapering is back. There’s a whole lot of things you can get away with in California, but breathing freely is not one of them. But I’d have to ask those leaders in those states who claim they’re doing this for health and safety, these states have some of the most stringent strict COVID measures, including forced vaccination mask mandates, but their case totals and the way that they’ve dealt with COVID is either the same or worse than those states like Florida and Tennessee and Texas that chose freedom. So if what you’re doing and these mandates, if they’re working so well, your state should be performing better than everyone, but it’s not. So when are they going to wisen up and realize they are hemorrhaging residents? They’re coming to all the free states because people are done living in fear of COVID. They want to move on. They want to be free and they want to breathe freely for crying out loud.

Tomi Lahren for Tuesday Dec-13-2021


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