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‘Vindictive’ Cuomo brothers slammed for trying to discredit Fox News presenter Janice Dean

Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean says she’s “not surprised” by reports circulating that Chris Cuomo tried to paint her as a “far right crazy” after she called for Andrew Cuomo to be held accountable for his nursing home death coverup.

Both Janice Dean’s mother and father in-law passed away from COVID-19 in New York state nursing homes early in the pandemic last year.

A report in January – carried out by the New York Attorney General Letitia James – found the Cuomo administration underreported COVID-19 related deaths in nursing homes by up to 50 per cent.

The investigation that looked into 62 state nursing homes found most lacked proper PPE and adequate testing.

Former governor Andrew Cuomo also allowed covid-positive residents to return to their nursing homes – in turn infecting others.

The Fox News meteorologist has been heavily outspoken since early last year in holding Andrew Cuomo accountable for the thousands of preventable deaths.

Reports circulating late last week allege Andrew Cuomo’s younger brother – disgraced former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo – tried to discredit Ms Dean’s names.

The reports detail Janice Dean was referred to as “that Fox Weather [expletive] and the former CNN employee asked the governor’s staff how they can paint her as “far right crazy”.

Ms Dean joined Megyn Kelly on her show where they comically discussed getting t-shirts and business cards made with the vulgar name.

“I’m not surprised – you and I have had discussions about this for the last almost two years,” Janice Dean said.

“At the very beginning I started to speak up about Sean’s parents and how they died tragically in nursing homes and how we found out there were over 9,000 infected patients put into those nursing homes by the governor Andrew Cuomo.

“Then he covered up the numbers by at least 50 per cent to sell his $5.2 million book.

“I got an email from someone who knows the family very well that said ‘you need to watch your back’ and they were being very honest about that. These are vindictive people.”

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