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In previous videos I have shown proof of YouTube censoring myself and others in a myriad of ways from illegitimate strikes and banishments, to removing likes, comments, views, and even subscribers, to changing their search algorithm to prioritize so-called “debunking” videos.

In this video I will show how YouTube is blocking people from viewing over half the videos on my channel. They are in fact doing this to everyone as far as I can tell. When you open the “Videos” tab on my channel, you will see about 150 of my latest uploads ending with “Who Brought Back the Flat Earth?” It refuses to load/show the rest of the videos on my channel! Due to YouTube’s bias algorithm, you can rarely if ever find these videos when searching for them by the exact title, so they are thereby effectively censoring in perpetuity all my videos except the latest 150 or so uploads which they allow to be seen on my channel.

To circumvent this for now I have created “The Eric Dubay Channel Playlist,” because for whatever reason YouTube allows playlists to be several hundred videos long, but limits the actual “Videos” section of mine and other people’s channels to only an arbitrary number of their latest uploads! Even this “Eric Dubay Channel Playlist” is missing around 30 videos that YouTube has
outright banned from their platform however, so please be sure to visit EricDubay.com and click the “Videos” menu there to find many other sites where you can view all of my content free of YouTube’s endless egregious censorship.

(Music is an original untitled track by yours truly)

The Eric Dubay Channel Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUrnnkvyMBf8MhWdcIccnTSnRiuqwpp4C

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