Enlightenment Revelations

In Christian esotericism there are the concepts of 7 levels of heaven, 7 levels of hell, 7 deadly sins and 7 heavenly virtues which directly correspond with the 7 yoga chakras. For kundalini to rise the yogi cleanses and opens his chakras through a process of not only physiological, but also psychological self-development composed of 7 steps, each belonging to a physical location in the body. For example, the first root chakra related to security and survival when closed corresponds to the deadly sin of greed but when opened corresponds to the heavenly virtue of generosity. The second sacral chakra related to sexuality and relationships when closed corresponds to the deadly sin of lust, but when opened corresponds to the heavenly virtue of chastity. Thus a selfless person who sincerely and diligently develops all 7 virtues helps open themselves up to kundalini awakening and is allowed access to the 7 heavens, whereas a selfish person who completely and unremorsefully indulges in all 7 vices conversely closes themselves off from kundalini and finds themselves in hell.

The concept of 7 heavens and 7 hells is nearly ubiquitous in the world’s religions. Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism all reference this idea, and color it with connotations of the afterlife. In the microcosm we create our own personal heavens and hells based on our development of virtues or indulgence in vices. In the macrocosm these life choices and character traits are then corresponded with afterlife worlds, 7 ascending levels of heaven or 7 descending levels of hell depending on each individual’s karma. For example in the ancient Mesopotamian religion, Earth was presented as a flat disk covered by 7 domes, each one containing different celestial bodies. These corresponded to the macroscopic 7 heavens, whereas the 7 chakras within the individual corresponded to the microscopic 7 heavens.

These also mesh and correspond quite well with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs which place upon a series of steps the various physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual necessities for a fully-developed fully-realized human-being. Just like the yoga chakra system and the esoteric Christian system, Maslow’s hierarchy begins with base physiological needs like food and water at the bottom, then safety needs like being secure from danger. Near the heart chakra we find belonging needs like being loved and accepted, along with esteem needs like being recognized and respected. As we reach the higher chakras, we find cognitive needs like knowledge and exploration, as well as aesthetic needs like order and beauty. Then, once all the lower physical, emotional, and psychological needs have been met, finally the crown chakra of self-actualization, the spiritual work of finding self-fulfillment and realizing one’s true potential can begin.

Just as the rising kundalini relates to the 7 virtues and 7 heavens, gnostic mystics like Samael Aun Weor and George Gurdjieff wrote of the “kundabuffer,” and its relation to the 7 vices and 7 hells. Weor posited that just as virtuous practice causes the ascending serpent of kundalini to travel upwards from the apex of the sacrum, the negative indulgence in vices contrarily causes the descending kundabuffer serpent to travel downwards into the coccyx, the “tail of Satan.” In his book “The Elimination of Satan’s Tail” and many others, he details the parallels between Christianity and Yoga and describes the karmic self-development necessary to become a fully-realized and enlightened human-being.

The following presentation “Enlightenment Revelations” is taken from a chapter in my new book Flatlantis available now from Lulu and Amazon:

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