Eric Dubay Exposed or Not?

There are several slanderous disinformation videos online spreading lies about me and claiming to have “exposed,” me. I have addressed and debunked these allegations several times in the past, but over the years these claims keep re-surfacing and bewildering my newer supporters, so I am making this video to address all of the accusations made about me in one place.

1. You Are a C.I.A. Agent! We Have Proof You Lived in Washington D.C.!
2. Your Wife/Fiance’s Father is a 5-Star General in the Dictatorial Thai Military!
3. You are a Cross-Dresser who Performed an Illuminati Shame Ritual Wearing a Dress!
4. You were Awarded a $100,000 Vaccine Settlement which was Actually your CIA Payout for Rolling out the Flat Earth Movement!
5. You are a Freemason From a Masonic Family! Your Great Uncle is a 32nd Degree Freemason!
6. But You Make Masonic Signs and Symbols in Your Pictures and Videos!
7. You are Anti-Christ and a New Age Deceiver Because you do Yoga and Made a video Saying Jesus Never Existed!
8. You are Actually Andrea Casiraghi Prince of Monaco Pretending to be Eric Dubay!
9. You’re a Hollywood Actor! You Have an IMDB Profile!
10. You are a Psychopath and Abused Your Ex-Girlfriends!
11. You Promote Hitler and and it is Harming the Flat Earth Truth!
12. You Promote Veganism which is the Unhealthy NWO Agenda 21 Slave Diet!

The simple truth is the powers that be are gravely concerned of the flat Earth movement I have helped spark and maintain, and they are desperate to defame, denounce and discredit me in any way possible. Since they have completely failed to debunk my evidence, they are now taking to personal attacks and trying to denounce my character so people will not see me as trust-worthy. To my supporters, if you do see people making these slanderous false accusations about me, please link them to this video so they can hear my side of the story and figure out the truth for themselves.

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