Biden slammed for going on a late-night TV show, but refuses to take questions from press

Joe Biden’s upcoming appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s late-night TV show has been labelled a “joke” as White House press corps probe Jen Psaki on when the president will finally answer their questions.

In light of Joe Biden attending the ‘Summit for Democracy’ event today, a Washington reporter asked Jen Psaki if Joe Biden would hold a end of year press conference to answer their questions.

“I would say the president answers questions multiple times a week. I think he’s done it several times this week,” Ms Psaki fired back.

“I don’t have a formal press conference with embroidered cushions to predict for you at this point in time.”

Joe Biden has copped enormous criticism for his lack of transparency and inability to consistently take questions from reporters.

RNC Research tweeted today that it’s been “37 days since his last press conference”.

He has on multiple occasions left media events by walking out as journalist’s fly questions in the hope he will answer.

In September press corps became so fed up they launched a formal objection with the White House over Mr Biden avoiding their questions.

As the media fight for answers, late night show host Jimmy Fallon announced the president will join him as a guest on Friday night.

“This will be Joe Biden’s first interview in a month. What a joke,” a social media user wrote.

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